Move like a Cat, Pounce on Opponent

To attack your opponent, hitting with either more pace or accurate placement, you need to obviously be in a “good position” in relation to the incoming ball, and that is “be set up to hit it”!! To do that, good footwork is “a must”, there’s no cutting corners here, “you got to do it”!! With efficient moving on the tennis court, your shot quality will be way superior comparing with not being constantly in motion. So, be sure to move well, “like a Cat”, to be able to “pounce on your opponent”!!

Hello Friends, Students & Tennis Lovers

Hello there to all my friends, students, family members and Tennis Lovers of this Planet !! It’s with an immense pleasure that I connect with you all on this first Post on my Tennis Blog, to let you know that I so very much thank you all deeply for your support throughout all these years. I’ll be sharing lots of tips, precious knowledge gathered and self-invented, philosophies, stories, photos, video-clips, etc… all accumulated over 45 years of playing, 30 of these years teaching and coaching tennis in 2 different countries, in 9 different States in the USA, many big Clubs & Academies, also Private House’s, Condominiums, Parks, Buildings, University, Resort Hotels & Summer-Camps. The opportunity to work with many so called tennis VIP’s, ATP Tour Ranked and College Players, Top Ranked Juniors has played a big part, I could not have been more blessed in my career, and also feel lucky to have been in the right place at the right time on a few occasions. In simple words, I have been blessed with so many completely different teaching & coaching experiences, to add to the Physical Education Bachelor degree I chose to get back in 1980 and it all molded into the tennis professional I have become. I hope time will help me register here my life’s very joyful tennis journey!! I’ll be in touch, posting regularly, it’s time to let it all out  :)
Cheers!! SALUTennis!!

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