Forehand & Backhand – Teco – Ilhabela

Now down in South America doing my 1st Brazilian Tour, and the 2nd city now after being in Recife is an island city called Ilhabela, for sure one of my favorite places in Brazil, and my student for these last two days for total scanning & revamping of all basic strokes has been Matheus “Teco” Mazzocato, a 14 year old with rare quality as athlete, fast & strong, big for his age, not a gram of fat on him, just pure special pedigree & coordinated muscles!! You have a bright future ahead kid, do it!!  :-)

Forehand & Backhand – Kelly – London

These two videos below are priceless for me, as Kelly has never ever played tennis before in her whole life. I came to London to stay at hers and her husband my good friend Rafael’s house, to work with some Vault clients during my European Trip. She has decided to take a chance and see what she can do out on a tennis court holding a racket trying to hit a tennis ball, and the result we got today after her first time ever was amazing!! I’m so proud of you Kelly, good job!!

Forehand & Backhand – Marissa Rundle

These two videos today are of a very dear and known person from an earlier post here on my Blog, it’s Tennis Vault client Marissa Rundle. She is a total starting from scratch beginner, she has only seen my videos on the Internet and has never had any private lessons or clinics before, she has only hit balls with her husband Piers following the video’s analogies. I am now on the Third City of my First European Tour Teaching & Coaching in person, I’m visiting Marissa and Piers in Nottingham England. I met with Marissa today, and after 3 days of 2 hour lessons on both her Forehand and Backhand, and the results are below on the videos. As you will see, the sport comes very naturally for her, cheers Marissa!! Fun lessons with you!! :-)

FH & BH in 10Min – Guilherme “Faisca”

In Brazil recently, I jump started my 9 year old nephew Guilherme’s tennis stroke’s technique. Here are his Forehand, and his Backhand, and folks, these videos below were after “only 10 minutes” of instruction on both his forehand and his backhand ground strokes. He got it going very very fast, understood all the analogies we made up together, it took him no more than 5 minutes for each stroke!! What a good job Faisca!! Good luck in your future kid!! I believe in you ma’boy!! (uncle&coach Mauro)

Two-Handed Backhand’s Dominant Arm

In this video, discover which should be & the role of the dominant arm when hitting two-handed backhands. Knowing this, you’ll improve your backhand dramatically!!

Choosing the 1 or 2 Handed Backhand

Which one of these is a better stroke, the 1-handed or 2-handed backhand??
In my opinion, which ever “one that suits you better“, suits “your style of play“, suits “your feel“, or feels “comfortable for you“. If there was a better one, then “all” extremely competitive players would be choosing that one. Just a few comparisons here: The 1-handed backhand has more “range“, more “freedom“, more “versatility“, and also helps a lot when it comes to mastering the art of hitting backhand slices. The 2-handed backhand has a little more “control“, it’s easier to “retrieve hard shots“, easier to “hit high balls“. So, the choice between them ends up being personal, again, “whatever feels better and more comfortable for you“. My opinion? Try both, make sure you choose the one that’s best for you.

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