Hitting Low Slice Shots With Sidespin

In this video you will learn how and also why you might want to hit some of your ground stroke slice shots with sidespin. There’s a little important trick to hitting this shot well, and also the right time to try it, check it out below!!  :-)

Tennis Tips: Slice Backhand Preparation

The slice backhand is one of the most-used strokes by the amateur tennis player, but one of the least effectively used. In this video, you will learn how to prepare to hit this shot the “right way”, so you can start hitting killer slice backhands today!!

Slice Backhand – Grip & Preparation

Before you can hit the Slice Backhand, you must learn “how to prepare” to hit the Slice Backhand. How do you do that?? Well, in this tennis tips video you will learn how to take your racket back and properly prepare for the Backhand Slice, plus the best of grips to use!! Get ready to add another weapon to your shot arsenal!! :-)

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