Tennis Tips – Sliding On Clay Courts

In this tennis tips video you will learn the proper way to slide on any type of clay court. You may be surprised how simple (and logical) it actually is!! check it out :-)

Overhead Smash – Preparation Tips

In this tennis instructional video you will learn the proper ways to backup for lobs and prepare for hitting overhead smashes, both short & long distance back. These tip will help you turn your overhead smash into a reliable weapon to win points with!

How To Reduce Your Unforced Errors

In this video I did reveal what in my opinion are the three main secrets behind reducing your unforced errors on the tennis court, helping you get back into a match when you are behind, helping you keep the lead when you are ahead, help you play the best that you can with the muscle memorized strokes that you got. This video will help you take your game to another level. Try learning my simple 3-tip-formula to reduce in general your unforced errors, it really works!!  :-)

Watch The Ball And Hit The Sweet Spot

In this tennis instructional video clip,  you’ll learn 3 great tips that will help you “see the tennis ball properly”, so you can “start hitting the sweet spot” on your tennis racket “every time”!! Also in addition, you will just become much more consistent with your ground strokes and your “bad contact” types of unforced errors will fall through the floor!! Don’t ever take watching the ball for granted!!

Never Too Late To Change Your Strokes

After I learned “this particular way“, isn’t it too late now to change my strokes??
“Nope, it is “never too late to change” anything that can be reprogrammed. The way you hit today is a product of the muscle memory you have trained, and all you have to do is retrain it, it’s as simple as that. Now, most people aren’t too patient to go through retraining something that has worked for them whatever much it has”. It’s mostly just because “initially” any changes will feel strange, weird, awkward. Trust me, it will NEVER Be Too Late to Make Changes On Your Tennis Strokes!! You can do it, you “really can”!! You just have to try any of the changes you need or want the right way and “believe you can do it!! “You Can Improve Your Strokes”!!
(Besides 30+ years of teaching & coaching experience, I must say my Physical Education Bachelors Degree in the 80′s has a lot to do with my opinion here).

Choosing the 1 or 2 Handed Backhand

Which one of these is a better stroke, the 1-handed or 2-handed backhand??
In my opinion, which ever “one that suits you better“, suits “your style of play“, suits “your feel“, or feels “comfortable for you“. If there was a better one, then “all” extremely competitive players would be choosing that one. Just a few comparisons here: The 1-handed backhand has more “range“, more “freedom“, more “versatility“, and also helps a lot when it comes to mastering the art of hitting backhand slices. The 2-handed backhand has a little more “control“, it’s easier to “retrieve hard shots“, easier to “hit high balls“. So, the choice between them ends up being personal, again, “whatever feels better and more comfortable for you“. My opinion? Try both, make sure you choose the one that’s best for you.

Which Grip to use for “X” Stroke

Choose to use the one that of all correct different options for that particular stroke feels right for “You”, the one that feels most comfortable for “You”, the one that gives “You” more control (accuracy) and more feel (for touch and power amount). The one that suits better “Your” style of playing, the one “You” are capable of doing, and using without much or hopefully any difficulty. THE ONE THAT Makes “YOUFeel like the Racket is an Extension Of Your Arm, and the Racket Head is now the new big Palm Of Your Hand“… THAT’S THE ONE!!

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