Watch The Ball And Hit The Sweet Spot

In this tennis instructional video clip,  you’ll learn 3 great tips that will help you “see the tennis ball properly”, so you can “start hitting the sweet spot” on your tennis racket “every time”!! Also in addition, you will just become much more consistent with your ground strokes and your “bad contact” types of unforced errors will fall through the floor!! Don’t ever take watching the ball for granted!!

Forehand by Video – Piers&Marissa(UK)

These are two very special videos for me!! They contain strokes footage made by Piers and Marissa from Nottingham UK, after both learn to hit their Forehand only by watching The Tennis Vault’s Forehand Videos, then going out on the court and practicing by themselves!! Cheers for such great initial results!! I’m so very much looking forward to my Fall European Trip coming now in September and October, going to be working with them both in England…now in person…I can’t wait!! :)

“Coach Mauro On the Road”(NewJersey)

Last week I had the pleasure to travel back to the East Coast, this time to meet with Sudhir (14) and Sachin (8) in New Jersey for a “2days-16hrs total revamp job” on their Basic Strokes. What a fantastic experience with such nice kids!! I will be very much looking forward to going back regularly to work with them more times in person in the near future, as we embark on a High School Tennis Journey for the next 4 years with Sudhir this next coming school year.

The first time results were dramatic, Sudhir was very interested in “everything”, he worked very hard and quickly started changing a few bad habits accumulated through the last couple years without any problem at all. You got to love a good student, one that is hungry for progress, improvement, and also so very excited about the sport, a priceless combination!!

After studying and using our instructional videos on “The Tennis Vault” for the last few months, their Family now feels that they are finally on the right track and have found their chosen method for their 2 boys, which always gives me the goose bumps “again”!! :-)

Lets check out Sudhir below on both groundstrokes, this after about 1,5 years of playing tennis (mostly self-taught and a bit of coaching at a local club), then a couple of months or so of learning from The Tennis Vault’s Videos, and last week’s 2days/12hours CMOR revamp & tune-up, here’s our first result:

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