Tennis Tips: Slice Backhand Preparation

The slice backhand is one of the most-used strokes by the amateur tennis player, but one of the least effectively used. In this video, you will learn how to prepare to hit this shot the “right way”, so you can start hitting killer slice backhands today!!

Federer’s Slice BH “Cut Down” Finish

Roger Federer’s backhand slice “cut down” follow-through is something a lot of tennis players want to copy. In this tennis instructional video, you will learn how and “why” Federer hits a large number of his slice backhands with a “cut down” follow-through, and also why you may want to use this technique yourself!!

One-Handed Backhand Swing Counter Weight

In this instruction video you will learn a million dollar tip, how to be “precise” with your one-handed backhand!! You will understand how to stabilize your swing path so that you can control where you hit to become more accurate with this shot!! :-)

Tennis Tips: The Slice Backhand

In this video, you will learn a great visual tip (don’t brake the glass table) to help you hit your slice backhand accurately and deep in the court. Turn the slice backhand into the most versatile shot you have…attack with it, change the pace with it, defend with it!! :-)

Forehand & Backhand – Carlos (Portugal)

I met Carlos who lives in London through a mutual friend Rafael, a Tennis Vault Member for 2 years now he told me that Carlos wanted to start playing tennis. He was going to take Carlos to buy his first racket, a gift from his girlfriend which I thought was cool, and asked me if I wouldn’t help out and jump start him on the right direction, put him on the correct tracks so he could train on his own what he learned and they’d be able to play together. In just a couple hours Carlos was hitting both his forehand and his one-handed backhand (which he chose after trying both kinds) very well already, first time ever in his life and the videos will show that it’s just a matter of some time practicing for him to become a good tennis player. Welcome to the sport Carlos, enjoy yourself!! …check him out  :-)

Forehand & Backhand – Joshua S. (Germany)

The name is Josgua Schafer, a 9 year old from Frankfurt Germany, the middle kid in the Schafer tennis family. A player in the making, touch & feel just like his older brother Noah (14), he’s been a Tennis Vault videos follower through his Dad Joerg, a site subscriber that touched base with me and invited for a trip to Germany to check out his family’s tennis in person. The opportunity to work with Joshua was priceless, he’s got his mind set on his big goals and works very hard, loves tennis with every ounce of his heart, so fun to coach. Check out his ground strokes  :-)

Forehand & Backhand – Noah S. (Germany)

The name is Noah Schafer, a 14 year old from Frankfurt Germany, the oldest kid in the Schafer tennis family. A very talented player with great touch & feel, he’s been a Tennis Vault videos follower which made me so happy. And to have an opportunity to work with him in person was great, changes came easily for him, anything I suggested he did without blinking, was so easy to coach. Check out how smooth his ground strokes are, a very nice forehand and backhand :-)

Forehand & Backhand – Joerg S. (Germany)

It didn’t take long for me to become good friends with Tennis Vault Member Joerg Schafer from Frankfurt in Germany. I much enjoyed spending time with him and his family, and helping their tennis games. We even convinced his wife Christiane to start playing… from scratch!!… Joerg has played some tennis in the past, therefore had original classic wood racket style kind of strokes, which we revamped real fast to a more modern looking forehand and backhand. Although still “baking in the oven”, here a couple videos of how his new stroke is shaping up to look like, after he practices and substitutes the old muscle memory  :-)

Forehand & Backhand – Howard (London)

Meeting with Howard Napper from London was a double pleasure. First of all, the opportunity to check out his 6 year old son Kai was priceless, bright future ahead that kid!! Secondly, fixing up in person this Tennis Vault subscriber and videos follower great guy Howard’s basic strokes was also priceless, we had a fantastic time together. Check out his before & after “1 lesson”  :-)

Forehand & Backhand – Nigel (London)

Had a chance to meet in person Tennis Vault subscriber member Mr. Nigel Charman from London, a photographer with one of the coolest best sense of humored attitude I’ve had the opportunity to coach. We remodeled all his basic strokes, check out the forehand & backhand after couple training sessions :-)

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