Forehand & Backhand – Howard (London)

Meeting with Howard Napper from London was a double pleasure. First of all, the opportunity to check out his 6 year old son Kai was priceless, bright future ahead that kid!! Secondly, fixing up in person this Tennis Vault subscriber and videos follower great guy Howard’s basic strokes was also priceless, we had a fantastic time together. Check out his before & after “1 lesson”  :-)

Tennis Tips – The Approach Shot

Ever feel like you’ve been “suckered” into having to approach the net when “you really don’t want to”?? Ever wanted to get to the net but weren’t sure just “when” or “how” to do it?? Either way, we’ve got you covered!! In this tennis tips video, you are going to be shown the best way to get to the net so you can put your opponent in “serious” trouble, win more points, games, sets & tennis matches!! Let’s go!!

Forehand & Backhand – Nigel (London)

Had a chance to meet in person Tennis Vault subscriber member Mr. Nigel Charman from London, a photographer with one of the coolest best sense of humored attitude I’ve had the opportunity to coach. We remodeled all his basic strokes, check out the forehand & backhand after couple training sessions :-)

Forehand & Backhand – John (London)

What an immense pleasure to meet with Tennis Vault Member John Levin from London, it was instant connection of positive energy, just like running into a good ol’friend! We revamped all his basic strokes and also had a fantastic time together, which left us both with priceless memories. Check him out  :-)

Tennis Tips – Shot Preparation Footwork

In this tennis tips video, you will learn how to master your footwork with stroke preparation the easy way, putting you in position quicker to hit better shots with great timing. Simply put, this means more winners, points, games and matches!

Forehand & Backhand – Kai (London)

Talk about some “happy feet”!! I had the joy of the opportunity to meet with Tennis Vault “mini-member” 6 year old Kai Napper from London UK, son of Vault subscriber and now my good friend Mr. Howard Napper. Wow, what energy!! I was very impressed, it was so much fun to be with an English boy so hungry for tennis!! He absolutely loves it, and at 6 is already playing with 10&under kids, not just with 8&under, and holding his own well. Check him out :-)

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