Following Through Freeze Split Second

In this instruction video you will learn how to make sure you have a great follow through, and also will learn a way for you to check your follow thorough when hitting your ground strokes. If you do want smooth, powerful, efficient, balanced and accurate ground strokes, first watch this video and then get out there on the tennis court and do it. This exercise can really make a difference in your game!!

Hitting Forehand With Power & Accuracy

In this instruction video you will learn “how and why” you need to have a good “finish” on your forehand ground stroke!! This is the “key to combining power and accuracy”, which will help you win more points, games, sets and matches!!

Nadal’s “Buggy Wip” Forehand Topspin

Rafael Nadal has a very peculiar follow-through on many of his topspin forehands. The shot is called either “reverse forehand” or “buggy wip”, and in this video you will learn how and why Rafa hits this shot so effectively!! Check out many Nadal’s “buggy wip” topspin forehands on this Link:

Federer’s Slice BH “Cut Down” Finish

Roger Federer’s backhand slice “cut down” follow-through is something a lot of tennis players want to copy. In this tennis instructional video, you will learn how and “why” Federer hits a large number of his slice backhands with a “cut down” follow-through, and also why you may want to use this technique yourself!!

Modern vs Classic – FH Follow Through

In this tennis instructional video you will learn the main difference between the “Modern” and “Classic” Forehand Follow-Through, and which of them I believe is the best one to use. The answer may surprise you!! Check it out… :-)

Tennis Training: Forehand Before & After

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