Return of Serve – How To Be Aggressive

This video will show you how you can commit yourself to return your opponents’ serve aggressively, before he or she even tosses the ball. Using this maneuver, you can preplan to be attacking when returning serves always, no matter what!!

Mental Game – The Comeback Attitude

Where does your head go?? Where?? when you are down on the scoreboard?!!

Maybe because it’s just one break of serve that you gave away it’s not so bad :-)

But still, that can feel horrible on a 0×3 start when the opponent serves first :-(

I know, I know, we’ve all been there, feels better to drive/pilot starting in front!!

Most get “altered” when down, lose their cool, patience, basically lose their pleasure in continuing playing almost even at times, a waist of opportunity.

Then, playing the game shifts to a completely different mental type, for sure not much fun, more like a miserable uphill battle, against opponent that now besides being up on you, ahead a few games on the scoreboard, also makes you angry.

And the funny thing is, “even after we see” our opponent on the other side having bad, or crazy, or negative, or silly, or stupid, or sloppy or etc etc kinds of not ideal competition mode type of attitude and body language when we are the one way in front/ahead…well, inside our minds “we do” quickly register it, acknowledge it, meaning we notice it, even more than that, we use that against our opponent!!

Seeing mental struggle only gives extra mental strength to ourselves, correct?!!

Well?? WHY ourselves be ever “The Actor/Actress Kind” on the court?? WHY??

Why would we then later, on a different day, “act just like that”, as we saw from other person just the other day when we “were happy, playing well, and ahead”, winning, opponent acting weird negative mad, we saw it, lets not do the same!!

You feel lost, confused, discouraged, angry when things aren’t going your way??

Well, check out this video that just escaped out of my mouth one sunny day here in Sausalito California, right after Tennis Vault Family Member Eliana, who has been before in a couple of other Vault videos, had just told me “in joy” that she had just won a league match on a very hard fought comeback, and how it felt so great!! She was so happy with the win, and also so very much proud of herself!! Cheers!!

Comebacks do that!! Comebacks help so much in building confidence!! :-)

Below my personal thoughts on what “being behind” in a match “should feel” like:

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