Compact Preparation For Ground Stroke

Preparation to hit your ground strokes is just as important as hitting the shot itself!! In this video you’ll learn how and why you want to use a short, compact backswing when preparing to hit your ground strokes. Plus, I’ll give you a cool little analogy and a practice tip that you can use to make sure you are keeping your backswing compact!!

Weight Transfer Using Flamingo Shot

In this instruction video you will learn when, how & why you need to transfer your weight forward when hitting your ground stroke. The flamingo shot is something you can use in your practice that will help you ingrain the feel of always getting your weight transferred forward properly on the closed stance ground strokes!!

Following Through Freeze Split Second

In this instruction video you will learn how to make sure you have a great follow through, and also will learn a way for you to check your follow thorough when hitting your ground strokes. If you do want smooth, powerful, efficient, balanced and accurate ground strokes, first watch this video and then get out there on the tennis court and do it. This exercise can really make a difference in your game!!

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