Forehand – The Wrist Snap Explained

In this tennis instructional video clip, I will show you exactly “how” you should be snapping your wrist correctly when hitting a “modern forehand”, and more importantly, what you should “not” be doing with your wrist when attempting to add more power and topspin to your forehand shots.

The Return Of Close Pupil Cole Mogan

In this video I’m very happy to welcome back pupil Cole Mogan to the game of tennis after a three year absence. I taught Cole the game from the ages of 8-11, and now at 14 he’s getting back into the ‘swing’ of things, and hitting forehands and backhands as if he never took a break from the game, just has to get fit, be on his toes and improve on his footwork and he’ll do well in High School Tennis next coming season. For tennis instruction that will stay with you FOREVER, head over to The Tennis Vault, and get your game sharpened & polished up with our videos :)

Project TTV Arrives In Brazil Next Week

Making it interesting for some of you Tennis Vault friends, this next Post was “a hello in portuguese” to all my tennis vault friends in Brazil, also my home country, where I am going to be teaching & coaching for 35 days in 4 cities starting next week. Thank you Alfredo & Giovana Bittar, Zeca Jordao & Paulo Tayar, Carla & Paulo & Teco, Givaldo-Rodrigo Barbosa & Rodrigo Contro for doing so much to help make this happen!! I already know that after it’s all over, and I get back to the United States, I will miss it very much, and be so looking forward to the next opportunities to do it again & again, and soon!! …ivamu-kivamu…

Forehand & Backhand – Kelly – London

These two videos below are priceless for me, as Kelly has never ever played tennis before in her whole life. I came to London to stay at hers and her husband my good friend Rafael’s house, to work with some Vault clients during my European Trip. She has decided to take a chance and see what she can do out on a tennis court holding a racket trying to hit a tennis ball, and the result we got today after her first time ever was amazing!! I’m so proud of you Kelly, good job!!

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