Hello Friends, Students & Tennis Lovers

Hello there to all my friends, students, family members and Tennis Lovers of this Planet !! It’s with an immense pleasure that I connect with you all on this first Post on my Tennis Blog, to let you know that I so very much thank you all deeply for your support throughout all these years. I’ll be sharing lots of tips, precious knowledge gathered and self-invented, philosophies, stories, photos, video-clips, etc… all accumulated over 45 years of playing, 30 of these years teaching and coaching tennis in 2 different countries, in 9 different States in the USA, many big Clubs & Academies, also Private House’s, Condominiums, Parks, Buildings, University, Resort Hotels & Summer-Camps. The opportunity to work with many so called tennis VIP’s, ATP Tour Ranked and College Players, Top Ranked Juniors has played a big part, I could not have been more blessed in my career, and also feel lucky to have been in the right place at the right time on a few occasions. In simple words, I have been blessed with so many completely different teaching & coaching experiences, to add to the Physical Education Bachelor degree I chose to get back in 1980 and it all molded into the tennis professional I have become. I hope time will help me register here my life’s very joyful tennis journey!! I’ll be in touch, posting regularly, it’s time to let it all out  :)
Cheers!! SALUTennis!!

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