How To Correctly Hold A Tennis Racket

So you think you know the correct way to hold your tennis racket?? You might want to think again… watch as you learn “how and why” you should be gripping the racket a certain way with your fingers. This tip alone can be the “trigger” to getting your tennis game to the next level!!  :-)

Two-Handed Backhand Grip Secrets

How was Andre Agassi able to rip shots with his two-handed backhand – while equally disguising his slice and drop shot – using the same grip?? Simple – he had a secret, and I’m about to show it to you. Check out this new two-handed backhand grip video, which will not only ingrain the fundamentals of this grip secret, but will allow you to easily alternate between hitting topspin, flat and slice shots without having to adjust your grip. This disguises your shot and keeps your stroke fundamentally sound under pressure, so you win more matches!! :-)

Tennis Tips: FH, Which Grips Do What? (Lefty)

We’ve all heard about the types of grips the pros use to hit the forehand, but do you really know how each grip can influence your stroke? In this video, you will learn what the most common grips can do for your forehand and your tennis game!! :-)

One-Handed Backhand Grip Preparation

In this video, you’ll discover a tip that will have you prepared to hit your one-handed backhand quicker than ever before!! You can even practice this indoors!! Whether it’s raining or snowing, you’ll be ready to take your tennis game to the next level !!

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