Kick Serve With The Limbo Dance Legs

The kick serve is an important shot to have in your arsenal. In this tennis serve instructional video, you will learn how to stay in good balance when executing this serve, and make it more effective for you than ever before for 2nd serves!!

Serve Bounce Ball With Continental Grip

Learning how to serve with a continental grip helps your forearm and wrist to pronate, allowing you to begin the journey of mastering your serve and hitting them harder or with great spin!! In this video you will learn how your pre-serve routine can help you to hit your serves with the correct grip time after time!! :-)

The Platform & PinPoint Serve Stances

In this instruction video you will learn the main difference between the “platform” stance and the “pinpoint” stance for the serve in a way that it will allow you to try them both out and decide which one best suits your game!! You will also learn an important tip for tossing the ball correctly in terms of having good balance!!

Synchronizing Arms & Legs on Serve

In this video you will learn a unique explanation and demonstration on how to synchronize your arms and legs in your serve, so you have a much better rhythm and execute a smooth stroke. This leads to having more power and accuracy, so you can win more points, games, sets and matches!! :-)

Hold Your Head Up High When Serving

If you want your serve to be more consistent and powerful, then you might need to do some things you probably aren’t doing now!! In this tennis instruction video, you will learn “how & why” you need to hold your head up during your serve, and the big benefits you are going to receive from doing so!! cheers!!  :-)

How To Avoid Making Double Faults

In this video you will learn one basic simple secret to help you avoid making many double faults when serving in your tennis matches, a simple precious tip that you when used will produce immediate results, and stay with you for a lifetime.  :-)

Secret to a Consistent Serve Ball Toss 2

Here are three more tips to getting a very consistent toss for your serve: hold the ball gently with your fingertips, practice the toss holding two balls in your hand to feel which three fingertips actually hold the ball so it doesn’t come out of your hand spinning, and here an extra tip for better balance hold your tossing arm up until the hitting arm starts going up so your head doesn’t collapse, exchange one for other.

Now you have a total of “seven (7) tips” to work on for your serve, just from these Pt.1 & Pt.2 Ball Toss Videos, “six (6) tips” for your “toss itself” & the Granddaddy “first of all tip” I mentioned, right on the beginning of Pt.1 : “If you wanna improve your serves, get a basket or a bucket of balls and get out there on the court and “practice it”!! Improvement won’t just fall on your lap from the sky, and there is no short-cuts, you have to “put in the mileage” and train hard whichever stroke it is, reaching your goals and dreams, and improving up to your very true potential!!  Again…this means you’ll start winning more points, games, sets & matches!! :-)

Secret to a Consistent Serve Ball Toss 1

Here are a few keys to getting a more consistent toss. These four tips here alone (practicing serves, keeping arm straight, palm of hand opened horizontally flat & late ball release) will improve your serve consistency and increase your serving percentage big time. You’ll start winning more points, games, sets & matches!! :-)

“On The Road To Coach Mauro” (CT)

Here’s a little “Before & After” footage of “On The Road To Coach Mauro”, this time Tennis Vault students coming from Hartford, Connecticut. Mauro met with Jim Driscoll and his wife Char In Portola Valley, California, for a “Five Day (15 Hours) Basic Strokes Check-Up” (1.5 hrs/day for each of them). Jim a 4.0 level club player with many years of tennis, and Char a beginner . After watching our forehand video clips on , they improved significantly, but they wanted more!! They wanted to go “On The Road To Coach Mauro” for a Personal Evaluation of their Basic Strokes, also to Revamp them ALL!! Cheers Jim & Char, Good Job!!  :-)

“Coach Mauro On The Road” (LA)

Here’s a little “Before & After” footage of “Coach Mauro On The Road”, this time traveling to work with Tennis Vault students in Monroe, Louisiana. There, Mauro met with Dr. Jeff Anzalone and his wife Rebekah for a “Two Day Basic Strokes Check-Up” (2hrs AM & 2hrs PM each). Both are club players (adult leagues), Jeff was at the time a 3.5 and Rebekah recently bumped up to 4.0 (NTRP). Well, after watching the forehand video clips on , they both improved significantly, but they wanted more!! They wanted Coach Mauro On The Road for very Personal Evaluation of ALL of their Basic Strokes, also wanted to Revamp them All !! Cheers Jeff & Rebekah, Good Job!! Better Strokes in 2 Days!!  :-)

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