Volleys – 4 Stages of Racket Positioning

In this tennis tips video, you will learn my 4 Stages Of Proper Racket Positioning for Volleys. Do you feel like you always hit your volleys late, or that your volleys just don’t have a whole lot of “zip” on them?? Be it singles or doubles, but “especially doubles”, this video is going to put your volleys into a high gear, as you understand better the proper way to have “offensive” racket positioning at the net!!

Forehand & Backhand – Michael Damiani

Last week I met with Michael Damiani in Sausalito. A Tennis Vault subscriber and follower, Mike told me he wanted a general scan on all his basic strokes, and then a revamp job where it was needed or advised. After only one lesson Mike was hitting the ball with “correct fundamentals”, very clean strokes, crisp shots, good stuff!! Welcome back to the sport Mike, cheers!! Check him out :-)

Slice Backhand – Swing Path & Finish

In this tennis tips video, you will learn more as I continue the breakdown of the Slice Backhand. Last week I explained the correct grip and how to prepare for the shot. This week it’s the Swing Path and the Follow Through!! Put them all together and you will have an extra shot in your arsenal, a “Game Changing” Slice Backhand!!  :-)

Slice Backhand – Grip & Preparation

Before you can hit the Slice Backhand, you must learn “how to prepare” to hit the Slice Backhand. How do you do that?? Well, in this tennis tips video you will learn how to take your racket back and properly prepare for the Backhand Slice, plus the best of grips to use!! Get ready to add another weapon to your shot arsenal!! :-)

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