How To Improve Your Ground Strokes

Would you like to have more powerful, efficient and accurate ground strokes?? Well, here ya go!! In this instruction video you will learn how to properly prepare for your “loopy” ground stroke shots, and also the difference between having an “arm-ish” swing vs having a “turn-ish” swing which will allow you to start hitting more powerful, accurate ground strokes today!!  :-)

Nadal’s “Buggy Wip” Forehand Topspin

Rafael Nadal has a very peculiar follow-through on many of his topspin forehands. The shot is called either “reverse forehand” or “buggy wip”, and in this video you will learn how and why Rafa hits this shot so effectively!! Check out many Nadal’s “buggy wip” topspin forehands on this Link:

Inside Out Drop Shot Surprise Option

In tennis, we need to have a lot of weapons in our arsenal to be able to play efficiently. In this video, you will learn how to add one. When you need to “mix it up” on the court to keep your opponent off balance, the “inside-out drop shot surprise” is a good option to have!! Get out there and fool your opponent!!  :-)

Firm Up Your Wrist For Better Volleys

In this tennis instructional video, you will see the explanation and demonstration of one very simple training tip that will help you hit the firmest crispest and most accurate volleys of your life!! Plus, it’s something you can do by yourself!!  :-)

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