Volleys – Preparation and Technique

In this tennis instructional video clip, you will learn a few important basic tips to execute a volley correctly. You’ll clearly understand what the volley should look and feel like, and will realize it is easier than it seems to be.

The Return Of Close Pupil Cole Mogan

In this video I’m very happy to welcome back pupil Cole Mogan to the game of tennis after a three year absence. I taught Cole the game from the ages of 8-11, and now at 14 he’s getting back into the ‘swing’ of things, and hitting forehands and backhands as if he never took a break from the game, just has to get fit, be on his toes and improve on his footwork and he’ll do well in High School Tennis next coming season. For tennis instruction that will stay with you FOREVER, head over to The Tennis Vault, and get your game sharpened & polished up with our videos :)

Project TTV Arrives In Brazil Next Week

Making it interesting for some of you Tennis Vault friends, this next Post was “a hello in portuguese” to all my tennis vault friends in Brazil, also my home country, where I am going to be teaching & coaching for 35 days in 4 cities starting next week. Thank you Alfredo & Giovana Bittar, Zeca Jordao & Paulo Tayar, Carla & Paulo & Teco, Givaldo-Rodrigo Barbosa & Rodrigo Contro for doing so much to help make this happen!! I already know that after it’s all over, and I get back to the United States, I will miss it very much, and be so looking forward to the next opportunities to do it again & again, and soon!! …ivamu-kivamu…

FH & BH Dirk Uhlenbrock After Revamp

These two videos today are of Tennis Vault client Dirk Uhlenbrock. He is a self considered beginner, he has seen my videos on the Internet and had private lessons before with me in the USA. I am now on the Second City of my very First European Tour Teaching & Coaching live in person, visiting Munster, it’s in Germany, and that is thanks to his and Marcus Von Bohlen’s support. I met with Dirk this afternoon, after 3 days of 1 hour lessons on his Forehand and Backhand, the results are down below on these videos…

FH & BH Sandra’s Before & After

Made these two videos today, of Tennis Vault client Dirk’s wife Sandra. She is a total beginner, had seen my videos on the Internet but had no private lessons before. I’m now on the 2nd leg of my 1st European Tour Teaching & Coaching in person. I am now visiting Munster in Germany, thanks to the support of her husband Dirk Uhlenbrock & Marcus Von Bohlen. I met with Sandra this afternoon, after 2 hours of lesson on her Forehand & Backhand, the results are clear on the before & after FH & BH videos down below…

FH & BH in 10Min – Guilherme “Faisca”

In Brazil recently, I jump started my 9 year old nephew Guilherme’s tennis stroke’s technique. Here are his Forehand, and his Backhand, and folks, these videos below were after “only 10 minutes” of instruction on both his forehand and his backhand ground strokes. He got it going very very fast, understood all the analogies we made up together, it took him no more than 5 minutes for each stroke!! What a good job Faisca!! Good luck in your future kid!! I believe in you ma’boy!! (uncle&coach Mauro)

Who the heck is Mauro Marcos and…

Coach Kyril introduces Coach Mauro to the Internet through The Tennis Vault.

\”Who the heck is Mauro Marcos, and why should you care\”

Dealing with Choking in Tennis

The Mental Side of Tennis is Fun and Challenging, and is also Very Tricky at times. We are all familiar with those “Choking Moments”, in which we feel like our arms are wrapped in a straight-jacket, unable to swing loose… or even though up on the score we can’t put a set or match away, or… worse, we don’t have a clue of what to do next, so lost our brain becomes. To reduce your mistakes to the max when “tight”, first play offensively (with purpose), do attack, but with “controlled aggression”, because just defending induces to just choking more. Make sure you do these 3 things to cut down on your errors: MOVE YOUR FEET, WATCH THE BALL & HIT IT OUT IN FRONT (well timed)!! Most Errors are because of  Bad Footwork, Not Watching the Ball and Hitting it Late. Make sure you take care of these 3 areas as you’re out there battling, and things won’t be so hard after all, but FUN instead, as you face the challenging adversities of a normal tennis match.

Move like a Cat, Pounce on Opponent

To attack your opponent, hitting with either more pace or accurate placement, you need to obviously be in a “good position” in relation to the incoming ball, and that is “be set up to hit it”!! To do that, good footwork is “a must”, there’s no cutting corners here, “you got to do it”!! With efficient moving on the tennis court, your shot quality will be way superior comparing with not being constantly in motion. So, be sure to move well, “like a Cat”, to be able to “pounce on your opponent”!!

Hello Friends, Students & Tennis Lovers

Hello there to all my friends, students, family members and Tennis Lovers of this Planet !! It’s with an immense pleasure that I connect with you all on this first Post on my Tennis Blog, to let you know that I so very much thank you all deeply for your support throughout all these years. I’ll be sharing lots of tips, precious knowledge gathered and self-invented, philosophies, stories, photos, video-clips, etc… all accumulated over 45 years of playing, 30 of these years teaching and coaching tennis in 2 different countries, in 9 different States in the USA, many big Clubs & Academies, also Private House’s, Condominiums, Parks, Buildings, University, Resort Hotels & Summer-Camps. The opportunity to work with many so called tennis VIP’s, ATP Tour Ranked and College Players, Top Ranked Juniors has played a big part, I could not have been more blessed in my career, and also feel lucky to have been in the right place at the right time on a few occasions. In simple words, I have been blessed with so many completely different teaching & coaching experiences, to add to the Physical Education Bachelor degree I chose to get back in 1980 and it all molded into the tennis professional I have become. I hope time will help me register here my life’s very joyful tennis journey!! I’ll be in touch, posting regularly, it’s time to let it all out  :)
Cheers!! SALUTennis!!

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