Use Your Legs To Hit ALL Your Shots

Are you using your legs also to power your shots, or are you just using them for “transportation” to get to the ball?? In this video, you will learn HOW to get your legs more involved in your tennis game, and WHY you should want to do it!!

Handling Wide Balls On Forehand Side

Handling wide balls to your forehand side is something you “must” master in order to stay in those long rallies you will inevitably encounter on the tennis court. Using the proper stance and upper body rotation will allow you to “stay in the point”, and that way help you to win more games, sets and matches!!  :-)

Tennis Training: Ground Strokes Practice

Practicing your ground strokes for tennis does not have to involve anything complicated!! In this video I will explain and demonstrate that you need nothing but a tennis court and some tennis balls to get in some good’ol ground stroke practice, plus work on your fitness level also if you want, and all by yourself!!

Tennis Tips – Shot Preparation Footwork

In this tennis tips video, you will learn how to master your footwork with stroke preparation the easy way, putting you in position quicker to hit better shots with great timing. Simply put, this means more winners, points, games and matches!

Tennis Tips – Sliding On Clay Courts

In this tennis tips video you will learn the proper way to slide on any type of clay court. You may be surprised how simple (and logical) it actually is!! check it out :-)

Footwork Backing Up For Ground Stroke

In this tennis tips video you will learn the proper footwork to use when you have to back up to hit a ground stroke. Have you ever wondered how the pro players can put a lot of pace on their shots even when backing up?? Well, here’s my answer!!

Tennis Tips – The Split Step How & Why

In this tennis instructional video, you will learn how and why you need to split step each and every time your opponent strikes the ball during play. Watch and Learn this “fundamental aspect of playing good smooth tennis”!! cheers, it’s showtime!!

Move like a Cat, Pounce on Opponent

To attack your opponent, hitting with either more pace or accurate placement, you need to obviously be in a “good position” in relation to the incoming ball, and that is “be set up to hit it”!! To do that, good footwork is “a must”, there’s no cutting corners here, “you got to do it”!! With efficient moving on the tennis court, your shot quality will be way superior comparing with not being constantly in motion. So, be sure to move well, “like a Cat”, to be able to “pounce on your opponent”!!

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