Return of Serve – How To Be Aggressive

This video will show you how you can commit yourself to return your opponents’ serve aggressively, before he or she even tosses the ball. Using this maneuver, you can preplan to be attacking when returning serves always, no matter what!!

Sudden “On The Road To Coach Mauro”

At around 11pm last Thursday night, while watching Wimbledon recorded earlier,
I got a phone call from a Tennis Vault Member, living 15 years in England, soon to be moving back to his native India, here in USA for a two week work related trip:

*HE: Hey coach, I’m so sorry to call you so late, but it’s for a good reason!! I’m here in Pittsburgh working for a few days, but I just found out that I have the next whole 4 days off, from tomorrow Friday morning to Monday night, so I was thinking here if you had any free times for some lessons, I would fly to San Francisco to see you in person. I’m a on&off beginner player all my life, been learning from your videos at The Tennis Vault and I really like your teaching style. Now soon I will move back to India and will be playing regularly, so I want to learn “the correct strokes” the best I can, so that I will keep improving and never feel pain again (smart fella!!).

* ME: wow man, no problem…but isn’t it 2am there in Pittsburgh right now??

* HE: yes it is!! and I’m thinking about taking the 5am flight!! I’d be there in San Francisco at around 11am, be in Sausalito before 1pm and ready to go play!!

*ME: double-wow!! I’m not traveling, I’ll will be here, would be glad to help you with your tennis, do lessons in person, we can work out all 4days, 2hours/day.

*HE: OK Coach, I’ll call you back in about a half hour to confirm it all with you…

*ME: triple- wow!! you’re my kind of decisive guy… I’ll be here waiting man…

…..half hour goes by… around 11:45 my time I get the confirmation from him:

*HE: Coach, I got the Flight, I’m on my way!! I’ll see you tomorrow at lunch time!!

Here below is the final result after 4hours of work on Forehands & Backhands:

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