Racket Head Position For Volleys

Do your volleys tend to go long? In this tennis instructional video you will learn “how” the proper racket head position can help give you crisp, penetrating volleys that will keep your opponents on their heels!! And of course, you will also learn “why” as well, and understanding it will help you stop sailing those volleys long!! 

Forehand Revamp – Ted Before & After

I recently met Ted and had the pleasure to work on his tennis game, he has been following the Tennis Vault’s Videos the past few months. Who says it is too late to do this, or to do that, to learn this, to change that, who said that?? Well, at age “81″ Ted is inspiring!! He just had knee replacement not too long ago, and now is back playing the sport he has loved for the past many years, and as if that is not enough he also wants and is more than ready to revamp and modernize his basic strokes and tennis game. Wow, that shatters some taboos out there!! Check him out:  :-)

Modern vs Classic – FH Follow Through

In this tennis instructional video you will learn the main difference between the “Modern” and “Classic” Forehand Follow-Through, and which of them I believe is the best one to use. The answer may surprise you!! Check it out… :-)

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