Forehand & Backhand – Joshua S. (Germany)

The name is Josgua Schafer, a 9 year old from Frankfurt Germany, the middle kid in the Schafer tennis family. A player in the making, touch & feel just like his older brother Noah (14), he’s been a Tennis Vault videos follower through his Dad Joerg, a site subscriber that touched base with me and invited for a trip to Germany to check out his family’s tennis in person. The opportunity to work with Joshua was priceless, he’s got his mind set on his big goals and works very hard, loves tennis with every ounce of his heart, so fun to coach. Check out his ground strokes  :-)

Forehand & Backhand – Noah S. (Germany)

The name is Noah Schafer, a 14 year old from Frankfurt Germany, the oldest kid in the Schafer tennis family. A very talented player with great touch & feel, he’s been a Tennis Vault videos follower which made me so happy. And to have an opportunity to work with him in person was great, changes came easily for him, anything I suggested he did without blinking, was so easy to coach. Check out how smooth his ground strokes are, a very nice forehand and backhand :-)

Forehand & Backhand – Howard (London)

Meeting with Howard Napper from London was a double pleasure. First of all, the opportunity to check out his 6 year old son Kai was priceless, bright future ahead that kid!! Secondly, fixing up in person this Tennis Vault subscriber and videos follower great guy Howard’s basic strokes was also priceless, we had a fantastic time together. Check out his before & after “1 lesson”  :-)

Forehand & Backhand – John (London)

What an immense pleasure to meet with Tennis Vault Member John Levin from London, it was instant connection of positive energy, just like running into a good ol’friend! We revamped all his basic strokes and also had a fantastic time together, which left us both with priceless memories. Check him out  :-)

Forehand & Backhand – Yuri Radomsky

Last month as I mentioned on last week’s post, I was down in Porto Alegre City in southern Brazil coaching Tennis Vault client 15 year old Thomas Ramos (few ATP Challenger Tour Futures’ Qualifiers experiences). His current practice partner is ATP Challengers player Yuri Radomsky. We had a great time together, and he also gave me the opportunity to tweak a bit his basic strokes too, which was a blast because Yuri “rocks the ball”!! Check him out, enjoy the ball ripping!! :-)

Two Handed Backhand Wrist Position

In this tennis instructional video, you will learn the importance of keeping your wrist cocked through the contact zone while hitting a two handed backhand. If you’re finding yourself hitting late on your backhand, then this video is for you!!  :-)

Forehand & Backhand – Thomas Ramos

Last month I was in Porto Alegre City in southern Brazil coaching a very special Tennis Vault client. The kid’s name is Thomas Ramos,  he’s 15 years old and has a few ATP Challenger Tour Futures’ Qualifiers experiences under his belt. His father Luis Ramos a very nice, smart & funny man, also a tennis player himself, invited me to come down there for a whole week to help his current coach ATP Challengers level player Yuri Radomsky with Thomas’s stroke mechanics. I flew down and much enjoyed the city and hospitality of all people I met. At first we worked on timing, earlier impact more in front (he was hitting late when I met him, and his arm had been paying the price with some pain even at times, as he said). Zip-Zap Timing-Change and Bingo, we were done with that, there was no more arm pain, and hitting now was easier and looser, now he was striking the ball in front every single time!! We made a few quick & good changes, tweaked a few things here and there… and wow! he started to rip away balls effortlessly, crushing his forehands and backhands, hitting very crisp shots, nailing the racket sweet spot every single time now, because of being able to watch the ball better now, because of earlier impact now! And on the Two-Handed Backhand on the video, we still hadn’t changed his preparation back swing yet, which ended up a tight elliptical “loop” style, way smoother. Check him out, enjoy the banging! :-)

Forehand & Backhand – Teco – Ilhabela

Now down in South America doing my 1st Brazilian Tour, and the 2nd city now after being in Recife is an island city called Ilhabela, for sure one of my favorite places in Brazil, and my student for these last two days for total scanning & revamping of all basic strokes has been Matheus “Teco” Mazzocato, a 14 year old with rare quality as athlete, fast & strong, big for his age, not a gram of fat on him, just pure special pedigree & coordinated muscles!! You have a bright future ahead kid, do it!!  :-)

The Return Of Close Pupil Cole Mogan

In this video I’m very happy to welcome back pupil Cole Mogan to the game of tennis after a three year absence. I taught Cole the game from the ages of 8-11, and now at 14 he’s getting back into the ‘swing’ of things, and hitting forehands and backhands as if he never took a break from the game, just has to get fit, be on his toes and improve on his footwork and he’ll do well in High School Tennis next coming season. For tennis instruction that will stay with you FOREVER, head over to The Tennis Vault, and get your game sharpened & polished up with our videos :)

Forehand & Backhand – Kelly – London

These two videos below are priceless for me, as Kelly has never ever played tennis before in her whole life. I came to London to stay at hers and her husband my good friend Rafael’s house, to work with some Vault clients during my European Trip. She has decided to take a chance and see what she can do out on a tennis court holding a racket trying to hit a tennis ball, and the result we got today after her first time ever was amazing!! I’m so proud of you Kelly, good job!!

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