One-Handed Backhand Swing Counter Weight

In this instruction video you will learn a million dollar tip, how to be “precise” with your one-handed backhand!! You will understand how to stabilize your swing path so that you can control where you hit to become more accurate with this shot!! :-)

Forehand & Backhand – Rodrigo – Brazil

Down in South America doing my 1st Brazilian Tour, and the 3rd city now after being in Recife city and the island city of Ilhabela is the big metropolis Sao Paulo, and now my dear ex-student from the past for these last two days for total scanning and revamping of all basic strokes has been Rodrigo Contro. Very much a special story happened between us, as we go back to 1985 here, when he was just a kid still and coming out of serious health treatment, chemotherapy for his cancer which he did beat, then decided to play tennis as his sport, and still does till these days, watch:

Forehand & Backhand – Piers Baker

These two other videos today are also from a known person from an earlier post here on my Blog, it’s Tennis Vault client Piers Baker. He is an intermediate player with lots of self taught wisdom and shot variety to put a few for sale and still have enough left to play a match with, a very versatile and crafty fella. I am now on the third city of my very First European Tour Teaching & Coaching in person, I’m visiting Piers & Marissa in Nottingham England. I met with Piers also today at the local club courts, (thank you for allowing us there), and after 3 days of 2 hour lessons on both his Forehand and Backhand, the results are on these videos. As you will see, Piers hits a big and smooth ball, cheers big man!! it was non stop fun all the lessons with you!! I look forward to coming back to Nottingham again next year!!

FH & BH Dirk Uhlenbrock After Revamp

These two videos today are of Tennis Vault client Dirk Uhlenbrock. He is a self considered beginner, he has seen my videos on the Internet and had private lessons before with me in the USA. I am now on the Second City of my very First European Tour Teaching & Coaching live in person, visiting Munster, it’s in Germany, and that is thanks to his and Marcus Von Bohlen’s support. I met with Dirk this afternoon, after 3 days of 1 hour lessons on his Forehand and Backhand, the results are down below on these videos…

Handling Low Balls on Backhand Side

In this video, Coach Mauro and Coach Kyril teach and demonstrate how to handle low balls to your backhand side – whether you hit a one or two-handed backhand – and they also explain to you WHY you want to be doing it this “better” way!!  :-) 

One-Handed Backhand Grip Preparation

In this video, you’ll discover a tip that will have you prepared to hit your one-handed backhand quicker than ever before!! You can even practice this indoors!! Whether it’s raining or snowing, you’ll be ready to take your tennis game to the next level !!

Hi-Definition Video At The Tennis Vault

Here’s a sample of the newest Hi-Definition video available at The Tennis Vault !! Head over there and sign up for our complimentary tennis tips newsletter!!  :-)

One-Handed Jump “Air Backhand”

Choosing the 1 or 2 Handed Backhand

Which one of these is a better stroke, the 1-handed or 2-handed backhand??
In my opinion, which ever “one that suits you better“, suits “your style of play“, suits “your feel“, or feels “comfortable for you“. If there was a better one, then “all” extremely competitive players would be choosing that one. Just a few comparisons here: The 1-handed backhand has more “range“, more “freedom“, more “versatility“, and also helps a lot when it comes to mastering the art of hitting backhand slices. The 2-handed backhand has a little more “control“, it’s easier to “retrieve hard shots“, easier to “hit high balls“. So, the choice between them ends up being personal, again, “whatever feels better and more comfortable for you“. My opinion? Try both, make sure you choose the one that’s best for you.

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