Jed’s Forehand Is Something To Watch

Jed is on scholarship with us, now he’s part of The Tennis Vault’s growing family cyber prote’ge’s. This kid’s story shows us he surely has the “heart it takes”, the discipline to practice hard chasing his big goals and to deal with whatever kind of adversity he encounters. He clearly shows us his strong potential for a very bright future ahead!! You Go Jed!! You keep working hard boy!!

Jed\’s Great Forehands Video Clip

Two-Handed Backhand’s Dominant Arm

In this video, discover which should be & the role of the dominant arm when hitting two-handed backhands. Knowing this, you’ll improve your backhand dramatically!!

BNP Paribas Open 2011 Indian Wells 2

Checking in here one last time from the 2011 BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells CA, video of Rafael Nadal, Caroline Wozniacki and young Brazilian star Thomaz Bellucci out there on the practice courts pounding the ball away with no mercy whatsoever!!

BNP Paribas Open 2011 Indian Wells 1

Checking in from the 2011 BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells CA, where I found Milos Raonic warming up on the practice courts during the qualifying round of the tournament. Pay close attention to the form used by Raonic when he is hitting his forehands and backhands… anything look familiar?? Here’s some hints for you:  grip preparation, shoulder turn, racket drop, swing path, follow-through… bingo!! “Fundamentals will get you where you want to be” folks, it’s worth the hard work!!

Handling Low Balls on Backhand Side

In this video, Coach Mauro and Coach Kyril teach and demonstrate how to handle low balls to your backhand side – whether you hit a one or two-handed backhand – and they also explain to you WHY you want to be doing it this “better” way!!  :-) 

One-Handed Backhand Grip Preparation

In this video, you’ll discover a tip that will have you prepared to hit your one-handed backhand quicker than ever before!! You can even practice this indoors!! Whether it’s raining or snowing, you’ll be ready to take your tennis game to the next level !!

Hi-Definition Video At The Tennis Vault

Here’s a sample of the newest Hi-Definition video available at The Tennis Vault !! Head over there and sign up for our complimentary tennis tips newsletter!!  :-)

“On The Road To Coach Mauro” (CT)

Here’s a little “Before & After” footage of “On The Road To Coach Mauro”, this time Tennis Vault students coming from Hartford, Connecticut. Mauro met with Jim Driscoll and his wife Char In Portola Valley, California, for a “Five Day (15 Hours) Basic Strokes Check-Up” (1.5 hrs/day for each of them). Jim a 4.0 level club player with many years of tennis, and Char a beginner . After watching our forehand video clips on , they improved significantly, but they wanted more!! They wanted to go “On The Road To Coach Mauro” for a Personal Evaluation of their Basic Strokes, also to Revamp them ALL!! Cheers Jim & Char, Good Job!!  :-)

“Coach Mauro On The Road” (LA)

Here’s a little “Before & After” footage of “Coach Mauro On The Road”, this time traveling to work with Tennis Vault students in Monroe, Louisiana. There, Mauro met with Dr. Jeff Anzalone and his wife Rebekah for a “Two Day Basic Strokes Check-Up” (2hrs AM & 2hrs PM each). Both are club players (adult leagues), Jeff was at the time a 3.5 and Rebekah recently bumped up to 4.0 (NTRP). Well, after watching the forehand video clips on , they both improved significantly, but they wanted more!! They wanted Coach Mauro On The Road for very Personal Evaluation of ALL of their Basic Strokes, also wanted to Revamp them All !! Cheers Jeff & Rebekah, Good Job!! Better Strokes in 2 Days!!  :-)

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