Never Too Late To Change Your Strokes

After I learned “this particular way“, isn’t it too late now to change my strokes??
“Nope, it is “never too late to change” anything that can be reprogrammed. The way you hit today is a product of the muscle memory you have trained, and all you have to do is retrain it, it’s as simple as that. Now, most people aren’t too patient to go through retraining something that has worked for them whatever much it has”. It’s mostly just because “initially” any changes will feel strange, weird, awkward. Trust me, it will NEVER Be Too Late to Make Changes On Your Tennis Strokes!! You can do it, you “really can”!! You just have to try any of the changes you need or want the right way and “believe you can do it!! “You Can Improve Your Strokes”!!
(Besides 30+ years of teaching & coaching experience, I must say my Physical Education Bachelors Degree in the 80′s has a lot to do with my opinion here).

Doubles “Feelings” – True Partnership

One of the “worst feelings” in tennis is “missing” an “easy important-point shot” when playing “doubles”. No wonder, “who would enjoy” the feeling of “letting your partner down”, as it seems to feel like inevitably?! Mostly, if you feel like you are missing way more shots than your partner that day, then it eats you up inside, and makes you feel guilty. Well, let me tell you, even way worst is the feeling you have when, you glance at your own partner after the point is over and notice a “clear look of disappointment” or  “anger” or a “negative attitude in general”, makes you feel just way worst even than you already are feeling. You just “feel the complaint look” from your partner, and from there on you feel like you are playing “with a gun pointed to your head”, so much pressure to “not miss” and let your partner down. Now, when your partner gets to the point of voicing him or herself to you right after the point, telling you what you did wrong or what to do instead, then you start feeling like a “cannon” is pointed to your head now. So, to always be a “great partner” in doubles, no matter how well or bad your partner plays, be sure to be “supportive” No Matter What The Outcome Of The Point Is!! Period!! Just be very positive towards your partner when he or she misses, and they will miss a lot less to begin with!! They will feed off of your positive or negative energy!! So, you should choose the one energy type you want to send out to your partner, either to help them, or to make things even worst for them!! It’s “up to you” to make your partner feel OK when they miss “any” shot, “really up to you”!! Think about it…

Forehand Versatility Is The Real Weapon

More than just trying to be able to blast bombs with your forehand, seeking ending points fast with winners, how about “also learning and training an accurate & versatile forehand”, with which you can besides hit going for winners, also work your opponent hard making them run all over the place every point, taking away their energy, or/and, be a lot less predictable with your shot, having also angles, chips, spins, dropshots, lobs, loopy deeps and many other “variations to keep your opponent guessing” all the time. The “best players” are “not one dimensional”, instead they have an arsenal of “go-to-shots to choose from”, many different “gears to play with”, therefore makingĀ  it way “more difficult for your opponents to handle”. A Powerful Forehand is a big weapon indeed, but in my honest opinion, to be a “complete player” you must have “more than one option”, just “in case” that particular “skill” is taking the day off”.

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