Hold Your Head Up High When Serving

If you want your serve to be more consistent and powerful, then you might need to do some things you probably aren’t doing now!! In this tennis instruction video, you will learn “how & why” you need to hold your head up during your serve, and the big benefits you are going to receive from doing so!! cheers!!  :-)

Tennis Tips: Forehand Slice Chip Shot

The slice forehand is many times regarded as a shot used only when you are pulled out wide to your forehand side. In this tennis tips video, you will learn a couple other uses for this shot on the tennis court , and a few “really good reasons” you need to practice it and put it into your shot arsenal!!  :-)

Tennis Tips: The Art Of Serve & Volley

Whether you play doubles or would just like to find a way to serve and volley more effectively, we’ve got you covered. In this video, you will learn two key tips to using the serve and volley effectively the next time you get out on the tennis court. Watch this video, and get ready to shake things up in your next match!!

Use Your Legs To Hit ALL Your Shots

Are you using your legs also to power your shots, or are you just using them for “transportation” to get to the ball?? In this video, you will learn HOW to get your legs more involved in your tennis game, and WHY you should want to do it!!

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