Project TTV Arrives In Brazil Next Week

Making it interesting for some of you Tennis Vault friends, this next Post was “a hello in portuguese” to all my tennis vault friends in Brazil, also my home country, where I am going to be teaching & coaching for 35 days in 4 cities starting next week. Thank you Alfredo & Giovana Bittar, Zeca Jordao & Paulo Tayar, Carla & Paulo & Teco, Givaldo-Rodrigo Barbosa & Rodrigo Contro for doing so much to help make this happen!! I already know that after it’s all over, and I get back to the United States, I will miss it very much, and be so looking forward to the next opportunities to do it again & again, and soon!! …ivamu-kivamu…

Really FUN Summer Camp Last Week

I’ll tell you, this game is “always a lot of fun”!! My longtime close friend tennis pro Celso Onofre invited me to join him along with another good friend pro Eric Barry for his Summer Camp last week, at Priory School where he coaches, in Portola Valley California. It was some awesome Non-Stop FUN!! I had a fantastic time, worked with a few players on the middle and high school boys’ & girls’ teams.
Thanks for the invite Celso, it’s always unforgettable times together, cheers!!

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