Forehand & Backhand – Howard (London)

Meeting with Howard Napper from London was a double pleasure. First of all, the opportunity to check out his 6 year old son Kai was priceless, bright future ahead that kid!! Secondly, fixing up in person this Tennis Vault subscriber and videos follower great guy Howard’s basic strokes was also priceless, we had a fantastic time together. Check out his before & after “1 lesson”  :-)

Forehand Revamp – Ted Before & After

I recently met Ted and had the pleasure to work on his tennis game, he has been following the Tennis Vault’s Videos the past few months. Who says it is too late to do this, or to do that, to learn this, to change that, who said that?? Well, at age “81″ Ted is inspiring!! He just had knee replacement not too long ago, and now is back playing the sport he has loved for the past many years, and as if that is not enough he also wants and is more than ready to revamp and modernize his basic strokes and tennis game. Wow, that shatters some taboos out there!! Check him out:  :-)

Forehand & Backhand – Teco – Ilhabela

Now down in South America doing my 1st Brazilian Tour, and the 2nd city now after being in Recife is an island city called Ilhabela, for sure one of my favorite places in Brazil, and my student for these last two days for total scanning & revamping of all basic strokes has been Matheus “Teco” Mazzocato, a 14 year old with rare quality as athlete, fast & strong, big for his age, not a gram of fat on him, just pure special pedigree & coordinated muscles!! You have a bright future ahead kid, do it!!  :-)

Forehand & Backhand – Piers Baker

These two other videos today are also from a known person from an earlier post here on my Blog, it’s Tennis Vault client Piers Baker. He is an intermediate player with lots of self taught wisdom and shot variety to put a few for sale and still have enough left to play a match with, a very versatile and crafty fella. I am now on the third city of my very First European Tour Teaching & Coaching in person, I’m visiting Piers & Marissa in Nottingham England. I met with Piers also today at the local club courts, (thank you for allowing us there), and after 3 days of 2 hour lessons on both his Forehand and Backhand, the results are on these videos. As you will see, Piers hits a big and smooth ball, cheers big man!! it was non stop fun all the lessons with you!! I look forward to coming back to Nottingham again next year!!

Forehand & Backhand – Marissa Rundle

These two videos today are of a very dear and known person from an earlier post here on my Blog, it’s Tennis Vault client Marissa Rundle. She is a total starting from scratch beginner, she has only seen my videos on the Internet and has never had any private lessons or clinics before, she has only hit balls with her husband Piers following the video’s analogies. I am now on the Third City of my First European Tour Teaching & Coaching in person, I’m visiting Marissa and Piers in Nottingham England. I met with Marissa today, and after 3 days of 2 hour lessons on both her Forehand and Backhand, and the results are below on the videos. As you will see, the sport comes very naturally for her, cheers Marissa!! Fun lessons with you!! :-)

FH & BH Sandra’s Before & After

Made these two videos today, of Tennis Vault client Dirk’s wife Sandra. She is a total beginner, had seen my videos on the Internet but had no private lessons before. I’m now on the 2nd leg of my 1st European Tour Teaching & Coaching in person. I am now visiting Munster in Germany, thanks to the support of her husband Dirk Uhlenbrock & Marcus Von Bohlen. I met with Sandra this afternoon, after 2 hours of lesson on her Forehand & Backhand, the results are clear on the before & after FH & BH videos down below…

“Coach Mauro On the Road”(NewJersey)

Last week I had the pleasure to travel back to the East Coast, this time to meet with Sudhir (14) and Sachin (8) in New Jersey for a “2days-16hrs total revamp job” on their Basic Strokes. What a fantastic experience with such nice kids!! I will be very much looking forward to going back regularly to work with them more times in person in the near future, as we embark on a High School Tennis Journey for the next 4 years with Sudhir this next coming school year.

The first time results were dramatic, Sudhir was very interested in “everything”, he worked very hard and quickly started changing a few bad habits accumulated through the last couple years without any problem at all. You got to love a good student, one that is hungry for progress, improvement, and also so very excited about the sport, a priceless combination!!

After studying and using our instructional videos on “The Tennis Vault” for the last few months, their Family now feels that they are finally on the right track and have found their chosen method for their 2 boys, which always gives me the goose bumps “again”!! :-)

Lets check out Sudhir below on both groundstrokes, this after about 1,5 years of playing tennis (mostly self-taught and a bit of coaching at a local club), then a couple of months or so of learning from The Tennis Vault’s Videos, and last week’s 2days/12hours CMOR revamp & tune-up, here’s our first result:

Sudden “On The Road To Coach Mauro”

At around 11pm last Thursday night, while watching Wimbledon recorded earlier,
I got a phone call from a Tennis Vault Member, living 15 years in England, soon to be moving back to his native India, here in USA for a two week work related trip:

*HE: Hey coach, I’m so sorry to call you so late, but it’s for a good reason!! I’m here in Pittsburgh working for a few days, but I just found out that I have the next whole 4 days off, from tomorrow Friday morning to Monday night, so I was thinking here if you had any free times for some lessons, I would fly to San Francisco to see you in person. I’m a on&off beginner player all my life, been learning from your videos at The Tennis Vault and I really like your teaching style. Now soon I will move back to India and will be playing regularly, so I want to learn “the correct strokes” the best I can, so that I will keep improving and never feel pain again (smart fella!!).

* ME: wow man, no problem…but isn’t it 2am there in Pittsburgh right now??

* HE: yes it is!! and I’m thinking about taking the 5am flight!! I’d be there in San Francisco at around 11am, be in Sausalito before 1pm and ready to go play!!

*ME: double-wow!! I’m not traveling, I’ll will be here, would be glad to help you with your tennis, do lessons in person, we can work out all 4days, 2hours/day.

*HE: OK Coach, I’ll call you back in about a half hour to confirm it all with you…

*ME: triple- wow!! you’re my kind of decisive guy… I’ll be here waiting man…

…..half hour goes by… around 11:45 my time I get the confirmation from him:

*HE: Coach, I got the Flight, I’m on my way!! I’ll see you tomorrow at lunch time!!

Here below is the final result after 4hours of work on Forehands & Backhands:

“On The Road To Coach Mauro” (CT)

Here’s a little “Before & After” footage of “On The Road To Coach Mauro”, this time Tennis Vault students coming from Hartford, Connecticut. Mauro met with Jim Driscoll and his wife Char In Portola Valley, California, for a “Five Day (15 Hours) Basic Strokes Check-Up” (1.5 hrs/day for each of them). Jim a 4.0 level club player with many years of tennis, and Char a beginner . After watching our forehand video clips on , they improved significantly, but they wanted more!! They wanted to go “On The Road To Coach Mauro” for a Personal Evaluation of their Basic Strokes, also to Revamp them ALL!! Cheers Jim & Char, Good Job!!  :-)

“Coach Mauro On The Road” (LA)

Here’s a little “Before & After” footage of “Coach Mauro On The Road”, this time traveling to work with Tennis Vault students in Monroe, Louisiana. There, Mauro met with Dr. Jeff Anzalone and his wife Rebekah for a “Two Day Basic Strokes Check-Up” (2hrs AM & 2hrs PM each). Both are club players (adult leagues), Jeff was at the time a 3.5 and Rebekah recently bumped up to 4.0 (NTRP). Well, after watching the forehand video clips on , they both improved significantly, but they wanted more!! They wanted Coach Mauro On The Road for very Personal Evaluation of ALL of their Basic Strokes, also wanted to Revamp them All !! Cheers Jeff & Rebekah, Good Job!! Better Strokes in 2 Days!!  :-)

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