Tennis Tips – Sliding On Clay Courts

In this tennis tips video you will learn the proper way to slide on any type of clay court. You may be surprised how simple (and logical) it actually is!! check it out :-)

Tennis Tips – Working On The Wall

Have you ever thought it would be great to have your own private hitting partner ready to go at any time?? Someone who will play with you as long as you want and will always hit the ball right back to you?? In this tennis tips video, I’ll introduce you to your new best friend, The Wall!!  :-)

Volleys – Be a “Zorro Goalie” At The Net

What is a “Zorro Goalie”? Well, when it comes to playing at the net, this will be a game boosting tip!! It’s my general analogy philosophy on how to play well at the net, especially in doubles!! Watch now and see how being a “Zorro Goalie” at the net will turn you into a “Volley Machine” that is very hard to pass!!  :-)

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