Never Too Late To Change Your Strokes

After I learned “this particular way“, isn’t it too late now to change my strokes??
“Nope, it is “never too late to change” anything that can be reprogrammed. The way you hit today is a product of the muscle memory you have trained, and all you have to do is retrain it, it’s as simple as that. Now, most people aren’t too patient to go through retraining something that has worked for them whatever much it has”. It’s mostly just because “initially” any changes will feel strange, weird, awkward. Trust me, it will NEVER Be Too Late to Make Changes On Your Tennis Strokes!! You can do it, you “really can”!! You just have to try any of the changes you need or want the right way and “believe you can do it!! “You Can Improve Your Strokes”!!
(Besides 30+ years of teaching & coaching experience, I must say my Physical Education Bachelors Degree in the 80′s has a lot to do with my opinion here).

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