Many Roles Of The Non-Hitting Arm

There are many jobs that your non-hitting arm has to do if you are going to play your best tennis!! In this video, you will learn some of them, to help you start playing tennis better than you ever thought you could!!  :-)

Hitting Low Slice Shots With Sidespin

In this video you will learn how and also why you might want to hit some of your ground stroke slice shots with sidespin. There’s a little important trick to hitting this shot well, and also the right time to try it, check it out below!!  :-)

Compact Preparation For Ground Stroke

Preparation to hit your ground strokes is just as important as hitting the shot itself!! In this video you’ll learn how and why you want to use a short, compact backswing when preparing to hit your ground strokes. Plus, I’ll give you a cool little analogy and a practice tip that you can use to make sure you are keeping your backswing compact!!

Kick Serve With The Limbo Dance Legs

The kick serve is an important shot to have in your arsenal. In this tennis serve instructional video, you will learn how to stay in good balance when executing this serve, and make it more effective for you than ever before for 2nd serves!!

Weight Transfer Using Flamingo Shot

In this instruction video you will learn when, how & why you need to transfer your weight forward when hitting your ground stroke. The flamingo shot is something you can use in your practice that will help you ingrain the feel of always getting your weight transferred forward properly on the closed stance ground strokes!!

Following Through Freeze Split Second

In this instruction video you will learn how to make sure you have a great follow through, and also will learn a way for you to check your follow thorough when hitting your ground strokes. If you do want smooth, powerful, efficient, balanced and accurate ground strokes, first watch this video and then get out there on the tennis court and do it. This exercise can really make a difference in your game!!

The Platform & PinPoint Serve Stances

In this instruction video you will learn the main difference between the “platform” stance and the “pinpoint” stance for the serve in a way that it will allow you to try them both out and decide which one best suits your game!! You will also learn an important tip for tossing the ball correctly in terms of having good balance!!

Synchronizing Arms & Legs on Serve

In this video you will learn a unique explanation and demonstration on how to synchronize your arms and legs in your serve, so you have a much better rhythm and execute a smooth stroke. This leads to having more power and accuracy, so you can win more points, games, sets and matches!! :-)

Forehand Touching Shoulders On Chin

Touch both shoulders on your chin, one when preparing and other when finishing both your forehand and your two-handed backhand… and also when you prepare your one-handed backhand…that will ensure that you turned well when preparing (for better shot disguise and usage of shoulder rotation) and also will ensure that you kept your head still at impact point (for seeing the ball much better) as you rotated your shoulders to hit the shot!! Most ATP & WTA Pros do this well. :-)

Forehand Planning Your Timing Properly

In this instructional video you will learn how & why you need to plan your timing correctly to hit powerful, accurate and consistent forehands!! Easy to understand, easy to do and most of all, it will make a big difference on your forehand quality!!

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