Handling Wide Balls On Forehand Side

Handling wide balls to your forehand side is something you “must” master in order to stay in those long rallies you will inevitably encounter on the tennis court. Using the proper stance and upper body rotation will allow you to “stay in the point”, and that way help you to win more games, sets and matches!!  :-)

Pick Up A Tennis Ball Coach Mauro Style

In this cool video you will learn how to pick up a tennis ball using just your feet!! NOTE: This video is for entertainment and informational purposes only!! We don’t want anybody out there breaking an ankle, and we do NOT take responsibility for any injuries incurred if you DO attempt to do this!! Have some fun trying it!!  :-)

Tennis Training: Ground Strokes Practice

Practicing your ground strokes for tennis does not have to involve anything complicated!! In this video I will explain and demonstrate that you need nothing but a tennis court and some tennis balls to get in some good’ol ground stroke practice, plus work on your fitness level also if you want, and all by yourself!!

Federer’s Slice BH “Cut Down” Finish

Roger Federer’s backhand slice “cut down” follow-through is something a lot of tennis players want to copy. In this tennis instructional video, you will learn how and “why” Federer hits a large number of his slice backhands with a “cut down” follow-through, and also why you may want to use this technique yourself!!

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