Start Your Warm Up With Good Timing

In this instructional video, a great tip to get your tennis practice and your warm-up rallies “started the correct way”, to help you set the tone for good timing right from the moment you put the ball in play.

How To Reduce Your Unforced Errors

In this video I did reveal what in my opinion are the three main secrets behind reducing your unforced errors on the tennis court, helping you get back into a match when you are behind, helping you keep the lead when you are ahead, help you play the best that you can with the muscle memorized strokes that you got. This video will help you take your game to another level. Try learning my simple 3-tip-formula to reduce in general your unforced errors, it really works!!  :-)

Volleys – Preparation and Technique

In this tennis instructional video clip, you will learn a few important basic tips to execute a volley correctly. You’ll clearly understand what the volley should look and feel like, and will realize it is easier than it seems to be.

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