Grand Willy Between Legs “Tweener”

Ever wonder how the pros hit the Grand Willy “between the legs” or “tweener” shot?? Ever try it out only to confuse and most likely scare yourself silly?? Prepare to satisfy your curiosity!! In this video, you will learn how to hit this amazing shot!! Don’t forget, always have fun too when playing tennis!!  :-)

The Wide Forehand “Squash Shot” Save

Discover a secret that will help you “stay in the point” longer and give you the time you need to recover when you are being pulled wide to your forehand side during your next tennis matches. You see this shot quite often when you are watching the pros on TV, now it’s your turn to add this shot your arsenal!!  :-)

Pick Up A Tennis Ball Coach Mauro Style

In this cool video you will learn how to pick up a tennis ball using just your feet!! NOTE: This video is for entertainment and informational purposes only!! We don’t want anybody out there breaking an ankle, and we do NOT take responsibility for any injuries incurred if you DO attempt to do this!! Have some fun trying it!!  :-)

One-Handed Jump “Air Backhand”

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