Forehand Touching Shoulders On Chin

Touch both shoulders on your chin, one when preparing and other when finishing both your forehand and your two-handed backhand… and also when you prepare your one-handed backhand…that will ensure that you turned well when preparing (for better shot disguise and usage of shoulder rotation) and also will ensure that you kept your head still at impact point (for seeing the ball much better) as you rotated your shoulders to hit the shot!! Most ATP & WTA Pros do this well. :-)

Forehand Using Racket’s “Spy Camera”

In this instruction video you will learn a cool trick: how to use your tennis racket’s “spy camera” before and after you hit your forehands, to start hitting way better shots, with great timing by hitting way out in front, and also with deep penetration by finishing your stroke well. You will win more points, games, sets and matches!!

Hitting Forehand With Power & Accuracy

In this instruction video you will learn “how and why” you need to have a good “finish” on your forehand ground stroke!! This is the “key to combining power and accuracy”, which will help you win more points, games, sets and matches!!

Nadal’s “Buggy Wip” Forehand Topspin

Rafael Nadal has a very peculiar follow-through on many of his topspin forehands. The shot is called either “reverse forehand” or “buggy wip”, and in this video you will learn how and why Rafa hits this shot so effectively!! Check out many Nadal’s “buggy wip” topspin forehands on this Link:

The Wide Forehand “Squash Shot” Save

Discover a secret that will help you “stay in the point” longer and give you the time you need to recover when you are being pulled wide to your forehand side during your next tennis matches. You see this shot quite often when you are watching the pros on TV, now it’s your turn to add this shot your arsenal!!  :-)

Handling Wide Balls On Forehand Side

Handling wide balls to your forehand side is something you “must” master in order to stay in those long rallies you will inevitably encounter on the tennis court. Using the proper stance and upper body rotation will allow you to “stay in the point”, and that way help you to win more games, sets and matches!!  :-)

Tennis Tips: FH, Which Grips Do What? (Lefty)

We’ve all heard about the types of grips the pros use to hit the forehand, but do you really know how each grip can influence your stroke? In this video, you will learn what the most common grips can do for your forehand and your tennis game!! :-)

Forehand & Backhand – Carlos (Portugal)

I met Carlos who lives in London through a mutual friend Rafael, a Tennis Vault Member for 2 years now he told me that Carlos wanted to start playing tennis. He was going to take Carlos to buy his first racket, a gift from his girlfriend which I thought was cool, and asked me if I wouldn’t help out and jump start him on the right direction, put him on the correct tracks so he could train on his own what he learned and they’d be able to play together. In just a couple hours Carlos was hitting both his forehand and his one-handed backhand (which he chose after trying both kinds) very well already, first time ever in his life and the videos will show that it’s just a matter of some time practicing for him to become a good tennis player. Welcome to the sport Carlos, enjoy yourself!! …check him out  :-)

Tennis Tips – The Inside Out Forehand

Used by top pros like Andre Agassi, Rafael Nadal and many others, the “inside-out” forehand can be a “devastating” weapon to have in your arsenal!! In this video, you will learn the key thing to do to be able to use this great weapon very effectively!!

Forehand & Backhand – Joshua S. (Germany)

The name is Josgua Schafer, a 9 year old from Frankfurt Germany, the middle kid in the Schafer tennis family. A player in the making, touch & feel just like his older brother Noah (14), he’s been a Tennis Vault videos follower through his Dad Joerg, a site subscriber that touched base with me and invited for a trip to Germany to check out his family’s tennis in person. The opportunity to work with Joshua was priceless, he’s got his mind set on his big goals and works very hard, loves tennis with every ounce of his heart, so fun to coach. Check out his ground strokes  :-)

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