Forehand Touching Shoulders On Chin

Touch both shoulders on your chin, one when preparing and other when finishing both your forehand and your two-handed backhand… and also when you prepare your one-handed backhand…that will ensure that you turned well when preparing (for better shot disguise and usage of shoulder rotation) and also will ensure that you kept your head still at impact point (for seeing the ball much better) as you rotated your shoulders to hit the shot!! Most ATP & WTA Pros do this well. :-)

Forehand Planning Your Timing Properly

In this instructional video you will learn how & why you need to plan your timing correctly to hit powerful, accurate and consistent forehands!! Easy to understand, easy to do and most of all, it will make a big difference on your forehand quality!!

Forehand Using Racket’s “Spy Camera”

In this instruction video you will learn a cool trick: how to use your tennis racket’s “spy camera” before and after you hit your forehands, to start hitting way better shots, with great timing by hitting way out in front, and also with deep penetration by finishing your stroke well. You will win more points, games, sets and matches!!

Half Volley With Both Your Knees Bent

In this instruction video you will learn how & why you need to bend “both” your knees when hitting your half volleys. The result you’ll get by doing this?? Deep, penetrating half volleys that will put your opponent on the defensive!!

How To Correctly Hold A Tennis Racket

So you think you know the correct way to hold your tennis racket?? You might want to think again… watch as you learn “how and why” you should be gripping the racket a certain way with your fingers. This tip alone can be the “trigger” to getting your tennis game to the next level!!  :-)

Hitting Forehand With Power & Accuracy

In this instruction video you will learn “how and why” you need to have a good “finish” on your forehand ground stroke!! This is the “key to combining power and accuracy”, which will help you win more points, games, sets and matches!!

Weight Transference: Waltz, Not Tango

Weight transfer into the ball is key ingredient to hitting your ground strokes in a smooth, powerful, efficient manner. In this instruction video you will learn how to get your weight moving in the right direction as you hit your ground strokes, with a couple of cool analogies to make the concept “stick” in your mind!!  :-)

Grand Willy Between Legs “Tweener”

Ever wonder how the pros hit the Grand Willy “between the legs” or “tweener” shot?? Ever try it out only to confuse and most likely scare yourself silly?? Prepare to satisfy your curiosity!! In this video, you will learn how to hit this amazing shot!! Don’t forget, always have fun too when playing tennis!!  :-)

How To Improve Your Ground Strokes

Would you like to have more powerful, efficient and accurate ground strokes?? Well, here ya go!! In this instruction video you will learn how to properly prepare for your “loopy” ground stroke shots, and also the difference between having an “arm-ish” swing vs having a “turn-ish” swing which will allow you to start hitting more powerful, accurate ground strokes today!!  :-)

Nadal’s “Buggy Wip” Forehand Topspin

Rafael Nadal has a very peculiar follow-through on many of his topspin forehands. The shot is called either “reverse forehand” or “buggy wip”, and in this video you will learn how and why Rafa hits this shot so effectively!! Check out many Nadal’s “buggy wip” topspin forehands on this Link:

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