Rafael a Long Time Friend in London

Posted on September 21, 2011 
Filed Under Forehand, Stroke Mechanics

Rafael is a good old friend and beyond I must say. Also a tennis lover, “Raf” is hosting me in London now at his own house, providing a home base type headquarters for me while working with a couple Tennis Vault clients here, and also a base to travel from starting in London to other UK cities & other European countries, (Munster in Germany tomorrow), teaching & coaching, and ultra fast brain washing away any bad habits, downloading the correct strokes’ software into people’s minds, spreading my logical & lightning fast method. Getting lucky with great weather these first few days, so besides my regular work in the mornings in downtown London, I also got to work out in the afternoons with Rafael a couple times this week during my stay. I fixed his forehand & backhand in a couple of hours that we had before the sun went down, then we made these casual i-Phone FH & BH videos just to see the “initial result after just 1 work out” later on the home computer.


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