“Coach Mauro On The Road” (LA)

Posted on March 2, 2011 
Filed Under Backhand, Forehand, Serve, Stroke Revamp

Here’s a little “Before & After” footage of “Coach Mauro On The Road”, this time traveling to work with Tennis Vault students in Monroe, Louisiana. There, Mauro met with Dr. Jeff Anzalone and his wife Rebekah for a “Two Day Basic Strokes Check-Up” (2hrs AM & 2hrs PM each). Both are club players (adult leagues), Jeff was at the time a 3.5 and Rebekah recently bumped up to 4.0 (NTRP). Well, after watching the forehand video clips on TheTennisVault.com , they both improved significantly, but they wanted more!! They wanted Coach Mauro On The Road for very Personal Evaluation of ALL of their Basic Strokes, also wanted to Revamp them All !! Cheers Jeff & Rebekah, Good Job!! Better Strokes in 2 Days!!  :-)


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