Dealing with Choking in Tennis

Posted on October 6, 2010 
Filed Under Mental Game

The Mental Side of Tennis is Fun and Challenging, and is also Very Tricky at times. We are all familiar with those “Choking Moments”, in which we feel like our arms are wrapped in a straight-jacket, unable to swing loose… or even though up on the score we can’t put a set or match away, or… worse, we don’t have a clue of what to do next, so lost our brain becomes. To reduce your mistakes to the max when “tight”, first play offensively (with purpose), do attack, but with “controlled aggression”, because just defending induces to just choking more. Make sure you do these 3 things to cut down on your errors: MOVE YOUR FEET, WATCH THE BALL & HIT IT OUT IN FRONT (well timed)!! Most Errors are because of  Bad Footwork, Not Watching the Ball and Hitting it Late. Make sure you take care of these 3 areas as you’re out there battling, and things won’t be so hard after all, but FUN instead, as you face the challenging adversities of a normal tennis match.


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